Her tragic accident

made headlines.

her faith is carrying her through.

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“Because with time… even our scars can become beautiful.”
lauren scruggs

In December 2011, Lauren (“LoLo”) Scruggs, a 23-year-old fashion journalist, suffered a sudden injury that made headlines around the world. She had been on a short flight to look at Christmas lights and, upon exiting the small plane, was hit by the still-moving propeller blade. A frantic 911 call, several major surgeries, and thousands of prayers later: Lauren lived. But she lost her left hand and left eye. And she had to face some incredibly difficult questions: What kind of future will I have? Where is God in all this pain? Will anyone ever be able to love me now? In Still LoLo, Lauren speaks out for the first time since her accident. She and her family reveal what really happened that night…


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Book Endorsements

  • “I first got to know Lauren after hearing about her accident and discovering she was following me on Twitter. I sent her a tweet, and we have been in touch ever since. Now the tables have turned, and I am the one following Lauren in life . . . a life that is just getting started. Her story teaches us all that there are no accidents in life. Lauren reminds us that God has a master plan for each and every one of us, and hers is to use her voice and her remarkable story to inspire and help others. Still LoLo is a beautiful read that helps us remember that sometimes what feels like the end is really just the beginning.”
    Giuliana Rancic
    Anchor, E! News
  • “Lauren Scruggs’s story is the most inspirational journey I’ve ever had the opportunity to witness firsthand, and Still LoLo truly depicts this young woman’s perseverance and faith in the midst of tribulation. I have never seen a family stay so strong and committed to the Lord through such a life-changing event. Lauren’s steadfast love of Jesus and her willingness to trust in him with all her heart have done more for her friends and family than she will ever know. Her attitude, joy, and faith are daily reminders of what I aspire to be. I feel blessed to know her.”
    Tony Romo
    Quarterback, Dallas Cowboys
  • “I’ve personally known the Scruggs family and Lo for ten years. Watching them endure the last year has been tremendous as their faith in Jesus and confidence in his plans for their lives have encouraged and edified my own walk. God often gives stories to strengthen and encourage the weary heart. I think you’ll find this story to be one of those.”
    Matt Chandler
    Lead pastor, The Village Church, Dallas
    President, Acts 29 Church Planting Network
  • “Our friends, Jeff and Cheryl Scruggs, have a powerful story of God’s amazing grace in their broken marriage. But then in a moment their family experienced a shocking calamity—and the story of his remarkable grace continues to be written daily in their lives.”
    Steve Farrar
    Author of Point Man: How a Man Can Lead His Family
    Mary Farrar
    Author of Choices: For Women Who Long to Discover Life’s Best